Patron: Jo Hall

Joint-Masters: Val Nelson and Janine Hames

President: Bruce Wakeling


Deputy Master: Els Bloom

Els is our Deputy master is fairly new to this position but brings years of hunting experience.


Treasurer/ Secretary: Albert Doornenbal

Albert is a life member of Kaipara Hunt, he has been a hunt member for over 30 years and been our treasurer/secretary for many of those years.  It is with his firm grip and knowledge of the hunt funds that Kaipara has grown to own their own property and huntsman's house. 



Huntsman: Daf Davies 


Field Masters: Inga Knier, Felicia Doornenbal



Our field masters have been hunting for many years and will help anyone new to hunting on the field.  They are there to help the master and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable hunt.


Committee members:   Brian Simmons, Cliff Whitehead, Sarah Archer, Christine Bullock, Amanda Cooper, Julie Rynne


Whipers in: (Whips)

We have a number of experienced hunt members that come up and whip when required, we also run a junior whip program for our junior riders. They are capable horse riders who are teamed up with our experienced whips to learn the job.



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