Helpful hunting tips: although not all listed are rules and regulations they are there as simple reminders.  The Master on the day is the boss and his/her word is final they have to consider the safety of all riders not just yourself so please remember this.  There are many hunt members who are only too happy to lend a helping hand or offer advice dont be too scard to aks.


  • Membership fees should be paid in full prior to 1st March
  • Cap up to 4 times after this you have to join/pay a membership
  • There are payment options please see the Hunt secretary
  • Vet & Ambulance fees are members/riders own responsibility
  • Any member of Kaipara Hunt Inc who desires to resign shall tender his resignation to the Secretary in writing (rule 13a of our constitution)

On the Day:

  • Your horse & gear should be clean, tidy and in good repair.
  • No dogs are permitted at any Hunts.
  • The Hunt is a guest of the property owner, please respect this privilege.
  • All riders follow behind the master, the Masters job is to take the field the safest route behind the huntsman.
  • If the hounds come towards you ensure your horse is facing them, to avoid any hound being kicked.
  • If the hounds/huntsman has turned and you are now in front of him stop and face the hounds and wait till he passes to join back with the field.  If you move and cross the scent your horse scent can inhibit the hounds from following the hare scent and spoil the run.
  • If gating: no gate should be opened until the jumping field has gone over the spar – you may only open a gate while the fence line is being jumping IF it is a good safe distance and wont interfere with the flow of the jumpers.
  • Gaters should follow as close to the same line as the field as practicable crossing un-hunted ground can interrupt the Huntsman & hounds from working.
  • All riders ride at their own risk and in paying their capping fee or membership neither the hunt nor the land owner whose country we ride over can be held liable for any injury or damage to horse or vehicles arising from the Hunts activities.
  • All riding members bring a plate – two for opening hunt.
  • All visitors please make yourself known to the Master before moving off & pay any capping fees to the hunt secretary
  • If you retire from the field early, please advise the Master or a field official.
  • Whilst Children are valued members of our Hunt, they must be accompanied by a guardian if under 12 years of age.  They also are required to help with gates and should give way to adult riders.
  • Stay for the hunt breakfast and remain in hunting attire, so you will be present when the master thanks the property owners for the great privilege of hunting on their property.
  • Arrive on time – be saddled and ready to ride off on time

Remember: If you decide to go your own way, and get in front of the huntsman you could spoil the days hunting for the rest of the field.  He can only work with what he has got, if horses run over fresh ground that the hounds have not been over it is likely they wont find the hare scent due to your own horses scent.

Notes to think about:

  • Can you smell a hare? No, Well... Can you smell your hoof oil? Yes! Please don’t put it on freshly before you go hunting – this is a stronger smell than the hunted Hare and can affect the scenting conditions.
  • Jackets: if the master allows you not to wear jackets: you should have a tidy white shirt & stock. It is perferrable for long sleeves out hunting especially if you're jumping.
  • Hunting is an age old traditional sport: Think about the pageantry & tradition before you wear the incorrect clothing or bring a dirty horse - your attire & cleanliness of your horse is a mark of respect to the land owner.

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